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Artisan 179

About us

Artisan 179 is a collaborative vision of owners Carrie Boehm, Ted Anderson, and General Manager & Event Coordinator Katrina Harland. Our wish is to give our guests a chance to experience superior service, unique cocktails, and creative cuisine. 

We want to share with you our passion for craft, food, art, and music. We create both our cuisine and cocktails with passion and house-made ingredients. Simple syrups, bitters, aged rye are all such examples. Techniques such as smoking, curing, and sous vide cooking are used as well. 

Artisan 179 is more than a place to eat! Instead, it is a community of food and drink enthusiasts, artists, and musicians. As we bring together our food and art, we hope to ignite creativity in all who join us! 

Wall art with Artisan 179 logo centered surrounded by various drawings of people and cookware on wal. Our modern global cuisine is freshly prepared from scratch by our experienced kitchen team. Moreover, we favor using local vendors as often as possible to provide you with the freshest ingredients possible. 

Our menu features several classic dishes that have their own Artisan spin! In addition, several more dishes are entirely unique and flavorful. We are certain to have something that will tantalize your palate.