The Artisan team

The Artisan Vision

Artisan 179 is a collaborative vision of owners Carrie Boehm, Ted Anderson, and Katrina Harland. Their wish is to give all guests a chance to experience superior service, unique cocktails, and creative cuisine in both the restaurant and the private event "Rhino Room", a standard that has made Artisan 179 a staple of Lake Country dining.

We want to share with you our passion: a passion for our craft, for food, for art, for music and our private events. Both our cuisine and cocktails are made with passion, using house made ingredients like simple syrups, bitters, aged rye and techniques like smoking, curing, and sous vide cooking.

Our restaurant is more than a place to eat, it is a community of lovers of food and drink, artists and musicians. As we bring together our food and art, we hope to ignite creativity in all who join us!

About Artisan 179

Meet the Team

Managing Partner


Ted Anderson was born into the restaurant business in New York City. His father, Charles (Chuck) Anderson was the General Manager and Gatekeeper at the legendary 21 Club Restaurant and Bar, in mid-town Manhattan for 26 years. His dad also owned Truffles Restaurant on Madison Avenue for many years. At a very young age, Ted idolized his father and developed a burning passion and drive for the industry. He later went to Sullivan College and earned a degree in hotel restaurant management.

Ted started his career at the infamous Rainbow Room on top of the GE building at Rockefeller Center. He worked as a host and assistant maîtres d' under the tutelage of owner Tony May. Here, Ted also met his wife, Maria Bartalotta. Along with Chef Sandro Fioriti, Ted later opened Sandro's Ristorante as General Manager and maître d'. After many years with Tony May, Ted began working at Bruno Ristorante in NYC as a managing partner for 19 years.

Ted, Maria, and his daughter Alexandra moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin after 9/11. He was then recruited by the Bartolotta Restaurant Group to operate Bacchus with brothers-in-laws, Joe and Paul Bartolotta. Ted was General Manager for 7 years. He also consulted for several years with Chef Marc Bianchini on his new project in Libertyville, Il.

After meeting Carrie Boehm, Ted became Managing Partner of Lakefront Grille. The vision that they shared to create a truly special dining experience came to fruition with Artisan 179.

Ted has been in the restaurant business for over 30 years and is still as passionate about the business as when he shadowed his father and Tony May in NYC. This passion shows through as he greets each guest! He truly cares about providing you with the best experience possible, and says the best is yet to come at Artisan 179.

Managing Partner, Ted Anderson
Business Partner, Carrie Boehm
Business Partner


Carrie has kept a passion for the restaurant industry since her first serving job in high school. She loved the energy, pace and excitement that is part of being in the restaurant industry and someday dreamed of owning her own restaurant. Following this passion, she enrolled in the Hotel and Restaurant Program at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. After a year of uncertainty in this career path, Carrie attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and ultimately received her degree in Economics. Carrie went on to receive her Master's of Business Administration Degree from UWM in 1999.

Carrie spent nearly 15 years with General Electric where she held various rolls in finance, marketing, sales and management. The varying responsibilities and challenges of these positions gave her a strong business background that has served her well as the owner of a business.

Carrie's dream of owning her own restaurant came true when she and her husband Dale purchased Piano Blu in 2008. Her dream of becoming a mom also came true in 2010 with the arrival of her twin sons, Nolan & Landon. After taking a leave from the restaurant to care for her children, the Lakefront Grille opened in 2012.

Carrie met Ted Anderson in 2013 and began to discuss the future of Lakefront Grille. They wanted to create a truly special restaurant that combined the laid-back nature of Lake Country with the freshest, quality ingredients and superior service. As a shared vision, they set out to bring Artisan 179 to Lake Country. Carrie and Ted make a great team as business partners to make Artisan 179 a truly special place.

Carrie's hope is that you will make many lasting memories as you explore all that Artisan 179 has to offer as it continues to grow and become a staple in the Lake Country area.

General Manager & Event Coordinator


Katrina Harland grew up having a passion of caring for others & local art since the age of 15, where she pursued nursing to take care of her family in their home. Her passion for serving others is rooted in her care for her family and education in healthcare. Katrina became a CNA at Marquardt Manor in Watertown after she received her certification.

While attending WCTC to pursue nursing, Katrina was employed at Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital. During RN clinicals at WCTC, she decided to take a serving position at Lakefront Grille. With only 2 semesters left to graduate, Katrina chose to take a break from school and go back to work full time at the hospital. However, that changed with creation of Artisan 179. When Carrie Boehm partnered with Ted Anderson to open Artisan 179, Katrina became an integral part of the team that opened Artisan 179 in February of 2015.

Katrina was thrilled with the concept of Artisan 179 and soon took on the role of General Manager & Event Coordinator. She continues to show her love for customer service and care for others.

Katrina has 2 wonderful children who drive her love and passion for success in life. Being a single mom has been an incredible blessing and challenge that Katrina has embraced and succeeded in.

General Manager & Event Coordinator, Katrina Harland


Be sure to make a reservation to have a table ready for you when you arrive!